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My apologies--but a contest

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My faithful readers, I do apologize for having been neglectful of this blog of late. Pressures of work and trying to arrange the annual Christmas celebrations chez moi with a broken ankle have supervened. I shall try to do better anon.

In partial recompense, I offer you all a contest. Answer the question, Who is Stephen Harper? with suitable verve, imagination, wit and humour. Be con—or pro. It’s Christmas, after all. I can take it.

Minimum number of entrants: 10. Minimum number of words: 150. Closing date: New Year’s Eve, stroke of midnight.

There is no politically correct answer: indeed, such a response from any position on the spectrum will lose points for unoriginality. The more original your submission, the more favourably it will be received.

Think! Imagine! Laugh! And good luck.

As in the past, all entries will be considered by a suitable panel of judge. Appeals are pointless.

Oh, yes, the prize? Er…this.

UPDATE: OK, then, you nattering nabobs of negativity. “…or a book of your choice at an equivalent price.” Sheesh.

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