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I know that this has been something at the back of all our minds for a long time, but I for one never really got around to figuring out the answer. Well, thanks to the good folks at Stack Exchange, we now have some pretty nice and well-researched candidate answers to a complicated and difficult question. I refer, of course, to the question of whether or not someone could use the One Ring itself to defeat Sauron. As in: does it have Sauron-independent magical properties, despite being apparently derived from a portion of Sauron’s own magical energies.

You would imagine that I would know this, because as the Doomsman of the Valar, I am told that I am in best position to know what is the Mind of Ilúvatar. Um, OK, but I’m actually beginning to suspect that there are some things that Ilúvatar doesn’t know either, and we have to refer back to the Mind of Tolkien to actually figure it out. So, the topmost answer (by user vote; but remember that most of the voters will be Mortal Men) holds that the Ring is not truly a source of power against Sauron, and the main advantage of holding it is to deny its use to Sauron. However, the next highest answer effectively disputes this, suggesting that the Ring could be wielded by someone against Sauron, but only with training, and then its essential deceit would subvert the wearer (this latter interpretation is used in the Peter Jackson reenactments). While they’re presented in the comments are in conflict with one another, I’m not so sure. It seems to me that there is no contraction between the wearer wielding the power of Sauron and becoming Sauron-like is in conflict with the idea that the wearer would not be able to deploy that power against Sauron.

Anyway, it may be another Age of Mankind before we have another discussion on this significant subject of that quality online. Too bad Frodo didn’t have the interwebs.

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