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I was, admittedly, slow to grasp the notion of “rape culture” that has its own hashtag on Twitter—I thought it was far too reductionist, and wildly overblown besides. But I am an older white male, and have never had cause to worry about being raped.

Here is rape culture, in all of its obscene glory. This is what passes for leadership on a university’s student council. University of Ottawa students and administration have taken due note.

Those rib-splitting, wacky conversationalists, fantasizing about the violent rape of the council President, were Pat Marquis (Students Federation of the University of Ottawa VP Social), Alexandre Giroux, (Board of Administration representative), executive members Alex Larochelle and Michel Fournier-Simard, and one student not (yet?) elected, Bart Tremblay. Marquis had run into a little trouble before.

Naming, it seems, does not invariably lead to shaming. Three of these worthies, Tremblay, Giroux and Fournier-Simard, want to sue the woman in question.

An exhaustive analysis of the actual conversation is hardly necessary, one might have thought. And yet here’s one “progressive” who doesn’t think the convo has anything to do with rape. At worst (or is that best), he thinks it’s about sadomasochism: nowhere, he says, while the language is staring him in the face, is there any suggestion that the target of these fine fellows would be an unwilling participant.

Rape culture isn’t just a bunch of dudebros fantasizing about raping someone. It’s the social context that makes that kind of discourse acceptable and, literally, normal. And it’s the rationalizers and enablers who help it along—nothing to see here, don’t exaggerate, not like they actually did anything, etc., etc., ad nauseam. How can any woman on the U of O campus or elsewhere feel entirely safe when such monstrous exchanges are the stuff of ordinary, everyday, casual conversations?

UPDATE: It appears that four of the five are threatening legal action.

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