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Well, we seem to be having a little party today. But anyway. This article on Ukraine and Russian internal politics (which I got from here), if true, strikes me as yet another problem with the whole “socially liberal but economically conservative” trope, which apparently urban Russia has in spades. (I have taken to referring to “economic conservatives” as the “people who make change for a seven-dollar bill”.) I mean, “aborigines”? Really? It should hardly surprise anyone that the “aborigines” respond with “socially conservative but economically redistributive”, with the obvious caveat that the usual bait-and-switch is played: Putin will never be other than the creature of some group of oligarchs or another!

I’ve mentioned something like this in the not-to-distant past. Thing is, holding people in contempt for selling their democratic birthright for a mess of pottage is never going to work. Because, you know, they get a mess of pottage at the end, or at least think they will.

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