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I have posted very little recently but when the Good Doctor threatened to put up a link to WUWT if I didn’t, well I couldn’t let that go by!

Truth is however that there is remarkably little new news on the climate front. There was an interesting study recently looking at the change of nutrition with increasing CO2, but while it highlights the importance of iron and zinc in an enhanced CO2 world, the issue of nutrition dilution has been known for a while (CO2 helps plants grow sugars but does not increase nitrogen based nutrients or minerals) But essentially, the necessary science is getting done and focus is switching to the policy side which is where the arguments should be taking place.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few who will claim that CO2 isn’t a greenhouse gas or that the physics which has been proven in 100 labs is wrong, but their numbers are slowly shrinking. Stolen e-mails that reveal nothing and papers that were published in the last millennium will only get you so far.

Looking back over the last 15 years of my arguments the thing that intrigues me the most is that the denial of science tends to break down along party lines. I know that this has been discussed before in books and blogs, but I think that John Quiggin’s article is interesting and worth a read. I note that from an outsider looking in he counts Canada as similar to the US in regards to this.

I was thinking of making another comment on the Mann vs Steyn trial, but there is little new to look at. However I think this xkcd is somewhat relevant and besides, I like xkcd.

How about yourself gentle reader, anything climate related of interest to pass along?

Update: damn, I see the Dawg is already back! Oh well, sorry it took so long John!

Dr.Dawg responds: Your posts are welcome whenever they arrive, John. But no, still in sunny Italia, returning tomorrow afternoon. A post or two on my travels, lavishly illustrated, are in the pipeline. Just felt like saying what needed saying about Niki Ashton and her various concern trolls.

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