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Another day, another free trade deal

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…with a corrupt and bloody regime shored up by paramilitary death squads.

The Librocons are, of course, united. Who cares what happens to brown people when there’s money to be made? Here’s rising Liberal star Chrystia Freeland:

My honourable colleagues in the NDP have raised the important point that this is a trade deal with a country that has a very troubled record and a very troubled reality on many political, labour, and environmental issues…Not every country in the world is perfect, and we have to trade in the global economy.

Not sure I follow the logic there, although the utter absence of moral imagination is striking. But in any case, here’s the “not perfect” record of Honduras after the military coup in 2009. As with the bloodstained regime in Colombia, it’s old-style Latin American business as usual, which has always enjoyed Liberal support. These unsavory deals are all about Canadian mining interests. And the Liberal record when it comes to those interests is one of shameful collaboration.

The Red Wing of the Librocon Party may talk a good game on issues like choice, but its humanitarian mask slips when it gets down to biz. Far away, blood will continue to flow—but there are no voters there.

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