Voluntary blindness

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I don’t personally socialmedia because it is for puny mortals and unfit for the dignity of the Valar, but I sometimes trawl Dawg’s feed for reactions to things that might appear here, and on the matter of FIPA I encountered the most astonishingly na├»ve thing I’ve seen in a long time:

After all this, after all the years of terrible, democracy-binding “trade” deals, who in their right mind believes that “objective grounds” aren’t entirely defined by trade-ideologues, economists, and other assorted vested interests? As Dawg later points out on his tweetyfeed (whoda thunk it, a tweeting Dawg), one Diane freaking Francis is stridently opposed to FIPA, an occurrence that back in the day would have been akin to a T. Rex joining PETA and selling Sea Kitten plushies on a street corner to fund her newfound quinoa habit.

I’m starting to suspect that Stevie-baby might actually just be obsessed with the aesthetic characteristics of pipelines and actually need them for some kind of weird fetishy gratification. Anything, anything to build those damn pipelines. Or maybe it’s environmental damage that excites him?

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