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Ontario justice

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As my friend Canadian Cynic would say—“Juxtapose!”

Beat up a woman seemingly for the hell of it: smash her leg and her kneecap beyond repair, punch her in the head, knock out a tooth, bruise her all over, then drag her to a police cruiser, broken leg flopping, while she screams in pain?

Not assault, says the Ontario Provincial Police, whose thuggish Sgt. Russell Watson was the perp on this occasion.

Not assault, says the useless, toothless, pointless Special Investigations Unit, set up essentially to whitewash police brutality.

She assaulted me, said Watson, and a brain-dead Crown Attorney spent a year prosecuting her, on our nickel.

But a judge disagreed—to put it mildly. He acquitted her, and blasted the cop for inflicting “catastrophic” injuries on the woman, who had been acting, in fact, as a Good Samaritan. His testimony, said the judge, was not to be believed.

Sgt. Russell Watson is still on active duty, serving and protecting. A credit to the force.

Now compare that ugly travesty to this: blow bubbles at a cop, you can get charged—with assault.

Justice in Ontario. Catastrophically injured, one might say. Blind, deaf, and dumb as a bag of rocks.

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