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SunTV journamalism, Ch.831

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Gosh, another practical use for the same short vid in one day.

Don’t watch more of this other clip than you have to, but check out cub reporter Ada Slivinski’s foray into the protestors’ campsite on Burnaby Mountain, where Big Oil was until this past weekend drilling test holes for a planned pipeline.

This is pure Onion territory. Slivinski is filmed traversing a row of tents, peering in. At one point during her nosey excursion, she is pushed away. The video then shows her pulling down the wall from the roof of a second tent for more peeping.

The delicate little plant then tells us, upon prompting from the incorrigible Ezra Levant (whose commentary is hilarious, by the way), how “emotionally shaken” she was. I don’t exactly see “war correspondent” in her immediate future.

But seriously: a tent defines a private space. Imagine discovering a total stranger, head stuck through your window, filming the interior of your house. Push the person away with reasonable force? Most of us would. And call the police.

We instinctively want to defend our privacy, and we have a number of legal protections in that respect. The law, for example, includes a tort of “intrusion upon seclusion.” Calling all lawyers, but what I saw in that video was a deliberate, provocative invasion of privacy, and a fairly restrained reaction to it.

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