Featured Today at the Dawgtion: "Beluga and Narwhals", Original Drawing by Goo Pootoogook

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Lot 9:

“Beluga and Narwhals”, an original, signed drawing by Goo Pootoogook, Cape Dorset, Nunavut.

Goo Pootoogook was born in a tent, in a camp near Cape Dorset 54 years ago. His family was resettled by the Canadian government to Cape Dorset. He learned to draw while recovering from TB in a Toronto hospital when he was 10, tracing characters in Spider Man and Donald Duck comic books. His grandmother, Pitseolak Ashoona, was also a well-known Cape Dorset artist and printmaker.

He became a full-time artist in 1987, and lives with his family in Iqaluit. His easel is his kitchen table. His light comes from a window. His medium is pencil, black pen, pencil crayon and water colour. He uses most in combination for each piece, and works in freehand for the most part.

His work is valued for its energy and simplicity, and for the sly humour reflected in his depictions of the natural world.

11” X 13”, unframed.

Place your bids in the comments below, with a $1.00 minimum for each increasing bid. Bidding will close April 15 at noon (12h00 Pacific Time) No bid received after the closing time will be accepted.

Items will be shipped, postage paid, upon receipt of payment at the indiegogo site specifying the item number, or upon receipt of a money order or certified cheque.

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