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#FHRITP: Name and shame

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This should have been tougher for me, an old union hand, than it proved to be. Meet Ryan Hart, on the left, who works for Cognex Corporation. On the right is Shawn Simoes, who worked for Hydro One and made over $100,000 a year—until yesterday.

The fellow with the goatee on the left of this photo:

Idiot dudebro.jpg

who actually shouted the phrase “Fuck her right in the pussy,” is as yet unidentified. Shouldn’t take much longer to rectify that. Nor to identify his two chortling companions.

Enough, already. Normally I am averse to employers regulating out-of-office conduct by employees. It has a faint odour of totalitarianism to it. Bosses don’t own their employees, they rent their time.


There is merit in the notion that testosterone-drunk misogynist punks of this kind, who have interfered with and intimidated countless women reporters just trying to do their jobs, should be punished. What employers in their right minds would want employees like this? Are women in their workplaces safe from the sexual harassment that comes so very easily, so damned casually, to these jockholes?

Nope. Not a dilemma for me at all, as it turns out. Name them. Fire them. Ban them. And I won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

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