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Alberta and the five stages of grief

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Some excerpts from the commentary over at Small Dead Animals. The chronology extends from just before the Alberta election results were known until now.


Prediction: Tory: 57 NDP: 23 WR: 5 Liberal: 2

Prediction Conservatives 43 Wild Rose 24 NDP 15 Liberals 4 Alberta Party 1

Cons 40 NDP 30 WR 18 No way the Communists are getting a majority. This is Alberta.

Slam dunk PC

PC 47 Wildrose 29 NDP 10 Liberal 1


UNbelievable….at 62, I never thought I would see the day. K, how do i emigrate to Texas/Oklahoma..?? I am serious. These Leftist MORONS will screw this province…I still remember Mr Rae’s DAYS… I need another beer - then at least I can PUKE properly.. Fer the record, I voted last Fri for WR.

and rat fink resigns and runs away. great job you pinko commie loving scum. spinless rat.

I hereby propose a name change: Alberta should now be called “Venuzuela North”.

Demographics and gov’t jobs. Natives, Indians, Pakistanis, Somalis vote NDP and there are LOTS. College students vote NDP and Nensharia was an MRU prof before coronation, er, election.


I don’t think this has anything to do with the NDP in Alberta. This is about purging the current ranks of power. It’s going to hurt Alberta short term, but long term they’ll be just fine.

I’m new to this here but for heavens sake try to respect your fellow voters. FYI the most conservative government Saskatchewan ever had was Janice Mckinnon NDP as finance minister and most fiscally prudent,(no I didn’t vote for her) so much so, a disc jockey could run province and be voted Messers congeniality. Take a pill and offer some sound advice to these newbies.


My condolences, Alberta. Never thought I would see the day.

Oh how naive and effed you are Alberta. A socialist is a socialist, from the left coast, to the Newf shores. Leave now, while you can sell your house for close to what its worth now, before the FAST market decline. It will happen, always does with the DIps.

Sometimes life sucks. It is up to the free people to pick up a fight. If not. This generation is going down. When it hits the bottom it will be too late for salvage.


But really.. dippers have control of Alberta. Shit just got real folks.

When a government becomes smug, corrupt and incompetent the electorate must, if necessary, plug their collective noses and vote them out. Even if it requires voting for a party you would not naturally support. You get more of what you tolerate and less of what you don’t.

It’s all in how you look at it. This is a great 4 year opportunity to pound the “hot” Alberta economy down to reasonable levels and clear out allot of Eastern and other Third World deadbeats that have been flocking to Alberta like locusts.

The NDP won fair and square.

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