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Women hold up half this guy

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Actually, more like two-thirds. But that could change. I’m not impressed with this blast of squink from the NDP High Command. The facts are that Mulcair committed to a debate on women’s issues, and then he backed out. Period.

I happen to agree that Mulcair’s main task is to hold the PM accountable, not to get into side-arguments with bit players. But there are exceptions to that rule, and I think this is one of them. The absence of Harper from a national debate on women’s issues is, all by itself, a powerful message to voters. A debate without him would have scored more points against him than anything that might have happened during the debate itself.

But when Mulcair, another powerful man, played along with Harper, he sent entirely the wrong message. His absence, like Harper’s, signifies more than his presence. Worse, it cancels out, or at least obscures, the original significance of Harper’s refusal.

It was a bad mistake. Period.

If Up For Debate is still able to pull something off in spite of the collapse of the originally-planned debate, that would be a constructive element of the on-going campaign, and may allow the NDP to recover. “Plan B,” one-to-one interviews broadcast together, is presently being considered. I would certainly tune in to get policy perspectives from all of the leaders. So would a lot of other Canadians. My not-so-secret hope is that Harper says nuts to that as well. We can dream.

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