The Economics of Denial

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So it seems we ARE in a recession. However, according to our Conservative Friends, it’s only a “technical” recession.

Now, not to delve too deeply (the topic requires many years of study), but in layperson’s terms, there’s a big difference between a REAL recession and a “technical” recession.

In a REAL recession, governments are expected to “do” something, beginning with the acknowledgement that there’s a problem, and proposing alternative fiscal and financial policy and planning measures.

In a TECHNICAL recession, governments don’t do anything at all. Instead, they congratulate themselves endlessly and loudly on their masterful handling of the economy to date, promise NOT to change anything, and deride anyone who suggests that there might be a problem.

See the difference?

This distinction works very well in day-to-day life. Explain to your bank manager that you’re only “technically” overdrawn, or to the kids that their hamster is only “technically” dead, or to your neighbors that your house is only “technically” on fire, and just watch them relax. It’s very Zen.

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