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Existential evil

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…lies at the heart of every colonial enterprise.

Depicted above are Israeli settlers, celebrating the roasting alive of a Palestinian toddler.

Needless to say, shock has been expressed by those public figures who speak in various capacities for Israel. But, as Amira Hass writes, the “shock” is more repulsive than the act itself.

Mainstream Israel has created the conditions for this kind of depravity. Mainstream Israel continues to set the stage for it. Mainstream Israel enables it.

When the Israeli Minister of Education calls for the outright annexation of the West Bank, condemning an entire people to perpetual helotry, and the Israeli “Justice” Minister quotes with approval a call for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers to prevent them from raising “little snakes,” how does this not help lay the groundwork for crazed settlers to celebrate the death of a tiny Untermensch?

Some say Israelis have dehumanized the Palestinians. That is not so. They have dehumanized themselves.

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