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William Laskin - “Grit” to his friends - is a national treasure, and a bit of a folk Renaissance man - singer, songwriter, novelist, multi-instrumental virtuoso, and the maker of some of the finest guitars ever. I know - I’m lucky enough to own one.

I first met Grit thirty years ago when we began rehearsals for an album with his old musical partner, Ian Robb. At the time I was playing an off-the-rack Epiphone 12-string and a serviceable handmade six-string by an Ottawa luthier. At the end of the first day of arrangements and practicing, Grit, a musician as tactful as he is talented, asked me if, perhaps, I had ever considered a guitar that really reflected my “style”. Up to that point, I had never really thought of myself as having anything as dignified as a “style” at all. But Grit offered to build me one; and even as young, broke and stupid as I was, I knew I couldn’t say no to Stan Rogers’ favourite luthier..

The result, four months later, was an instrument that still turns heads (the instrument, not my playing); warm and rich in all the right frequencies, light in body, easy in its action, and powerful enough to hold its own in a session with fiddles and accordions.

Grit’s instruments are remarkable not only for their exquisite sound. They’re also stunning works of art, each guitar painstakingly and richly decorated with a completely unique and original inlay wrought in shell, stone, ivory, bone and metal.

Grit is now preparing to publish his second book, “Grand Complications” and it will be amazing. He’ll focus on fifty of his most complex, challenging inlay projects, telling their story in text and image, taking us right to the heart of his art and his craft.

So forgive this sales pitch, but I’m inviting you all to join me in a supporting his Indiegogo campaign…and if I were you, I’d go for the donation level that gets you a copy of the book. It’ll be worth it.

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