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Breitbart cage match

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A few days ago, a far-right “news” organization in the US founded by the late unlamented Andrew Breitbart, the godfather of a form of public lying known as “Breitbarting,” found itself in a dilemma. An enthusiastic supporter of neo-Fascist Donald Trump, the organization sent a reporter, Michelle Fields, to cover a Trump rally—where she was almost immediately assaulted by the thuggish leader of Trump’s squadristi, one Corey Lewandowski.

What to do, what to do?

Loyalty to Herr Drumpf quickly won out. Breitbart.com threw Fields under the bus. Breitbart staffers were warned not to defend her, or they would be fired. Then the organization publicly floated the claim that Lewandowski had been misidentified by Fields and by Washington Post reporter Ben Terris.

(A colleague of Fields, Patrick Howley, claimed she was making the whole thing up. But there are wheels within wheels at Breitbart: Howley was suspended shortly afterwards, probably for stepping out a little further than the Breitbart managers wanted to go.)

The whole thing has been a repulsive farrago of dishonesty and rank opportunism, the sort of thing we have seen closer to home (hello there, Rebel Media). But an organization tearing itself to bits in full view of an applauding progressive public must be unique, even amongst the raw meat eaters on the Right.

Fields has now resigned, and has filed charges against Lewandowski. A more familiar name has taken his leave of Breitbart as well: editor-at-large Ben Shapiro. And so did his father, whose pseudonym at Breitbart was falsely used to by-line a hastily deep-sixed story mocking Shapiro’s departure. It appears that more resignations are forthcoming.

Let us stay tuned, O my brothers and sisters. And do bring popcorn.

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