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NDP sunset? [important update]

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The NDP Convention is taking place in Edmonton next week. But the people have already spoken: under Tom Mulcair’s leadership, Today’s NDP™ sits at 11.7% in the polls.

Scant months ago, the party was poised to form government.

An internal party report has just found that the party is “out of sync” with Canadians. Gosh, you think?

Balanced budgets. Caution. Shhh, we don’t want to scare the voters. Socialism? Just be quiet. Pro-Palestinian human rights? Get out of here, we don’t want you. $15 billion Saudi military vehicles deal? Nothing to be done, a contract is a contract.

Well, you didn’t scare us, Tom. You bored us. You offered no vision that defines the party, that sets it apart from the sunny ways crowd. You pulled an Andrea Horwath, running to the right of the Liberals. You played safe when boldness was in order.

Now, to repeat, the NDP is down to 11.7% support amongst the electorate. How low can you go? Following you into the sea are a small handful of union leaders, hitching their wagons, not to a star, but to an anchor. No word from the Canadian Labour Congress as yet. Perhaps silence is politically wise. Certainly it’s a cautious approach from an organization that co-founded the NDP in 1961.

Blind loyalty. More caution. Just what the party needs about now.

Doubtless you’ll go down fighting. But fighting for what?

UPDATE: Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Bravo, CLC.

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