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Refugees with human faces

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My stepson Danny and I helped our Syrian refugee family move into their new row house today. As others in our sponsorship group have done, we drove all over West Quebec and Ottawa to pick up the necessaries for getting started.

From our borrowed truck we brought out one box with toys. Lots of dolls. And a big dump-truck. One of the girls was there when we did so, and her eyes lit up—as she picked up the dump-truck!

The next-door neighbor came by with her little girl. She thought Danny and I were part of the family, and was there to welcome us. She wanted to introduce her girl to Zahraa and Hala. I explained that they didn’t have much English, that they were part of a refugee family from Syria. Her eyes filled with tears. “So different when you see them face-to-face,” she said. I gave her a hug! “Thank you, ” she said.

A soft landing for a lovely family. Their new home is now filled with donated furniture from all over the national capital region. Beds, couches, table, chairs, lamps, a freezer; you name it. Even an orchid. Our sponsorship group has done a bang-up job. Donors and volunteers simply exuded warmth and generosity.

At times like this, I believe in humanity.

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