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My buddy Canadian Cynic is being sued for something he said. By Ezra Levant, the king of the Speech Warrior™ crowd, the folks who believe it’s OK to say pretty much anything—if they’re the ones doing the saying.

There are times that Hypocrisy stands on a mountaintop in a howling wind, his cape flapping, his voice thundering across the reaches of space and time, his mighty thews and sinews striking terror and madness in those who merely hold a double standard or two, or fail on occasion to practise what they preach.

“Pussies,” he sneers, as levin flashes overhead, and the ground trembles from sea to sea, and the seas toss their ships, aglow with St. Elmo’s fire, like toothpicks in a tornado. “Look to Ezra Levant, and tremble. You are not worthy even to speak his name.”

We need to give our pal CC a hand by supporting him in his legal travails. The discovery phase alone should be a pure joy, the trial a popcorn event. Ezra doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to libel cases. He’s more than likely to be properly flensed when the matter reaches court, if he’s foolish enough to let things go that far. But (as I myself know well), justice comes at a cost—if it comes at all.

Some may find CC a trifle rich for their blood. But there’s a principle at stake here, or so I’ve been told by the intrepid defenders of free speech. And there’s another, more fleshly principle as well, one that may be more immediately appealing to many. Ezra is a putz, and such creatures can not, must not prevail under any circumstances. His goose must be cooked. His dog must die.

And so let us all find it in our hearts, or at least our wallets, to do what needs to be done. Our roguish, merry son who prowls the halls of Twitter, a mischievous imp with a peashooter, must be free to continue on his way unmolested.

Click. Give.

[Declaration of interest: I was once threatened with a lawsuit by that self-same king of free speech. Assorted Speech Warriors™, contrary to all expectations, failed to rally to my cause. If you’re reading this (and you know who you are), don’t make the same mistake twice.]

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