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Canada’s own alt-right hate site, Rebel Media, mewed piteously when it was excluded from the Alberta legislature a while back. “Now I can’t do my job because of what is obviously a problem with either my personal politics or the politics of my employer. Neither one of those is a reason to prohibit me from doing my job,” whined Rebel heavyweight Sheila Gunn Reid.

Rebel sobbed when it was excluded from a UN conference. “We’re not being kept out because we have an opinion. We’re being kept out because they think we have the wrong opinion,” averred Rebel “Commander” Ezra Levant

Free journalism! Free expression!

The Rebel’s tearful moral blackmail moved mountains. The Globe and Mail took Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to task. The Canadian government and three tribal media groups intervened with the UN. Decisions were reversed. A blow for freedom. Another blow for freedom.

Then Rebel Media decided to hold a conference. And it struck a decisive blow of its own. It threatened Canadaland, a well-known media outlet, with trespassing charges if it so much as dared poke its nose into the hall. Apparently Canadaland’s crime was to have expressed critical opinions of Rebel Media a few months ago.

Can’t have that. What good is freedom if the wrong people are allowed to use it?

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