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Ottawa Police violence against women: one swallow doesn't make a summer

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Ottawa police brutality.jpgOf course it’s gratifying to see that Roxanne Carr has wrung damages from the Ottawa Police—nine years after she was brutalized by several Ottawa cops.

But let’s not break out the champagne just yet, OK?

Does the name “Julie Cayer” ring a bell? It should. A cop named Martin Cardinal, who smashed her head repeatedly into a car hood—after checking to see no one was watching—got a Wikipedia entry over that one. His punishment was positively Draconian, mind you: he got a conditional discharge, was docked a whole eight days pay, and was reinstated as an Ottawa police officer.

Then there was the manhandling of Leslie DeFazio.

And let us not forget Sgt. Stephen Desjourdy, who seems, in fairness, to be in a class by himself. He received a three-month demotion in 2008 for kicking an unarmed, kneeling woman in the back, smashing her head into a toilet, and then Tasering her twice. Then he lost 20 days’ pay for savaging another woman, Stacy Bonds, just a few days after he had expressed “remorse” for the first incident.

Bogus charges against Bonds were thrown out by an angry judge. The charges against DeFazio and Carr were dropped. Cayer was never charged. And so it goes.

Want to stop violence against women? Why not start with those who serve and protect?

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