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The reconciliation hoax

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Item: RCMP clears itself for breaking the news to a mother that her child has been shot, by surrounding the mother’s house and raiding it. The distraught mother collapsed after hearing her son had been killed—and was asked if she’d been drinking.

Item: The Supreme Court of Canada rules—by way of analogy—that Christians should have the right to worship freely, but it’s OK to bulldoze heritage basilicas to make way for condos. In fact, it’s even OK to kill the God who resides in them.

In this case, the Ktunaxa sincerely believe that Grizzly Bear Spirit inhabits Qat’muk, a body of sacred land in their religion, and that the Minister’s decision to approve the ski resort would sever their connection to Qat’muk and to Grizzly Bear Spirit. As a result, the Ktunaxa would no longer receive spiritual guidance and assistance from Grizzly Bear Spirit. Their religious beliefs in Grizzly Bear Spirit would become entirely devoid of religious significance, and accordingly, their prayers, ceremonies, and rituals associated with Grizzly Bear Spirit would become nothing more than empty words and hollow gestures. Moreover, without their spiritual connection to Qat’muk and to Grizzly Bear Spirit, the Ktunaxa would be unable to pass on their beliefs and practices to future generations. Therefore, the Minister’s decision approving the proposed development interferes with the Ktunaxa’s ability to act in accordance with their religious beliefs or practices in a manner that is more than trivial or insubstantial. The Minister’s decision is reasonable, however… [italics added]

No, I’m not ashamed to be a Canadian. But I’m ashamed of my country and my government, and the institutions of governance in which white supremacy lies coiled, like a snake, ready to strike at any time without warning.

Reconciliation is a hoax, and it’s time to name it as such.

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