Still Attractive, But Drifting Apart...

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North Pole.jpgOne of the depressing rituals associated with this time of year is the ceremonial tallying up the tragic losses we’ve experienced. While that usually involves a tedious roster of luminaries we all pretend to care about more than we actually did (although I’m sure Gord Downie was a very nice person), one shocking loss has so far passed unremarked (as far as I’ve seen). In 2017, Canada said farewell to one of it oldest, dearest, and best-known celebrities. The North Magnetic Pole, which is moving toward Russia at a rate of roughly 57 km/yr, drifted this year beyond Canadian territory, and is now estimated to reside at 86.5N, 172.6W. Goodbye, li’l buddy: I never actually met you, but I did once spend a terrible week stuck in Resolute Bay, just a couple of hundred kilometers away. Bon Voyage, and Счастливого пути.

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