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Ontario election: self-deplatforming of the OPCP

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Ottawa Centre is my riding, and I have attended two all-candidates meetings so far. The Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate failed to show for each, turning down an invitation to a debate hosted by a coalition of women interested in discussing gender-based violence, and committing to take part in a second one—only to let the organizers know, at the last minute, that she’d changed her mind.

Colleen McCleery is a coward, afraid to face the people she wants to represent.

But she’s not the only one. Right across Ontario, OPCP candidates are hiding from the electorate. With an oaf like Doug Ford at their helm, and no party platform as yet, they’re afraid of questions. They’re afraid of media. They’re afraid of Ontarians.

This is not democracy. It’s hide-and-go-seek. Even conservatives deserve better.

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