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Ethnic triumphalism

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A grim future scenario: Canada’s new government, headed by someone not entirely unlike Andrew Scheer, establishes our country as a white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian ethnostate. White Christians around the world have an automatic right to immigrate. French loses its official language status, but acquires “special” status.

The right of the white, English-speaking majority to help themselves to indigenous land is now established in law. Reserve housing is bulldozed to build developments for the influx of white immigrants. They need living space, we are told. The displaced “natives” are deported to wasteland near a rubbish dump.

Outcry? I would imagine so. From some quarters, anyway.

But the Western “world” is selective in its outrage. I shall forbear from commenting further, however, because criticizing Israel is, of course, anti-Semitic by definition.

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