Only a Flesh Wound

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The Conservatives’ disintegration is, in an odd, backhanded way, a tribute to Stephen Harper.

There never really was a united “Conservative Party of Canada”; conceived in exile and consummated in the back room, it was always an uneasy patchwork of Red Tories, Reformers, fundamentalists, right wing libertarians, Old Blue Boys, and an ill-assorted grab-bag of anti-this-and-anti-that odds and sods. It was Frankenstein, but it was Stephen Harper’s own Frankenstein - his design, his selection of body parts, and his stitching. And only Harper - micro-manager, bully and authoritarian that he was - could keep all those writhing, ill-matched limbs together, and keep them writhing and slouching vaguely in the same direction.

And now, it seems, a key portion of the beast has broken free. It’s the part that’s bellicose, with a mind of its own; delicacy forbids I should pursue the metaphor further, but I’m reasonably sure that a few Conservatives are asking themselves, with anatomical accuracy: “Where does that prick think HE’S going?”

Are Conservatives forever doomed to wistful backward glances at their Leader’s predecessor? The hapless Andrew Scheer now makes Stephen Harper look like a tower of strength and purpose. Stephen Harper established Brian Mulroney as a paragon of humanity, moderation, and leadership on Indigenous and environmental issues. Brian Mulroney made Joe Clark look…err…never mind. Let’s stop there.

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