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garbage.jpgIt’s been been a while since I checked in on my favourite “fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you can’t find anywhere else”. I was therefore shocked - shocked! - to discover that the Rebel appears in the last few months to have lost almost all of their roster. Of course, the actual writers and journalists like Michael Coren and Brian Lilley fled in horror long ago; but now it seems the site has been abandoned by all but a few hardcore hangers on, some floundering newbies, and the leavings from a Breibart wastebasket. Gone are the spectacular, flamboyant lunatics who once made the site so much fun: serial fraudster and convicted thug Tommy Robinson, libelist “Ketamine Katie” Hopkins, Vlad “Flamenco” Tepes, stripper Martina Markota, Sebastian Gorka, Barbara Kay, Mark Latham, Amanda Head, Ben “Actor” Davies, Tiffany Gabbay, Milo, John Cardillo, Lauren Southern, Ilsa Goldy, Ben Davies, Jack Buckby…all gone, leaving but memories. Where are the snowflakes of yesteryear?

So who’s left? They’re down to: - Keean Bexte and Jessica Swietonioski, paid by the American Horowitz “Freedom Centre” as “Shillman Fellows” (and was ever a fellowship so aptly named?) Bexte, a former vendor of White Nationalist regalia, specializes in yelling at people; Swietonioski, a first-year journalism student at Sheridan College, is so far over her head that even putting her in front of a camera is a cringe-worthy, brutal act of public humiliation. - Gavin McGinnis, who has dropped/been dropped by Fox News. Amazon, PayPal, Blaze Media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, his own Proud Boys, and banned from Australia, is now tottering to oblivion in an embarrassingly unfunny series of skits as his own brother, presumably to avoid the social media bans. - Rob Shimshock is an American blogger, rewriting and reposting American posts on American stories from his American site. - Amanda Head is an L.A. based American blogger with a botox problem who hasn’t contributed an item for months. - The most recent addition, “Adam, the Pathetic Millennial” has, to his credit, adopted the most accurate pseudonym in history.

Oh, and of course, there’s the original three - Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid, and the Menzoid (David Menzies, of “there I was just taking pictures of Muslim women in the mall because it’s a public space and they got all MAD at me!” fame. I like to think of them as the Unholy Trinity of Canadian Fake News: The Frother, the Stunned, and the Wholly Gross.

Let’s see how quickly the body count escalates.

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