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Hassan Diab: cutting to the chase

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The Cour de cassation, France’s supreme court, has ruled that Canadian citizen Hassan Diab must stand trial for the heinous 1980 bombing of a synagogue in Paris. This was despite a lower court ruling—after Diab had spent three years in pre-trial detention—that there was no evidence to hold him. But an appeal court, after soliciting information that proved even more damaging to France’s non-existent case against him (handwriting evidence), ruled that he should stand trial anyway.

Now the highest court in France, ignoring the spectacular intervention of France’s avocat général, who urged the court to quash the appeal court decision based on serious flaws in its ruling, has upheld that travesty of justice. It even ordered that Diab pay money to the lawyers of third-party intervenors who had been screaming for his head.

I don’t want to review the flaws in the case in detail—that’s done every time Diab’s name comes up in the media these days. Let’s just boil it down: There were no credible witnesses. The bomber’s handwriting found at the time wasn’t his. The bomber’s fingerprints and a palm print weren’t his. And he happened to be in Beirut at the time of the bombing.

But none of this matters. Diab’s innocence is irrelevant. It’s important to underscore that point.

An atrocity was committed in 1980, and a sacrifice of expiation must be made. Diab, of Arab extraction, is a suitable choice for this ritual, conducted by high priests in judicial robes. He’s an Other, an outsider, a pharmakos, a target by virtue of his ethnicity.

Frances punishes those outsiders. The handful of women who wear niqab are generally forbidden to leave their homes. Pro-Palestinian rallies are prohibited by the state. People seeking justice for Palestinians by urging a boycott of Israeli goods were jailed, until the European Court of Human Rights stepped in.

Innocence no longer matters to those who lost friends and loved ones in the bombing, nor to the noisy lobbyists who see in every Arab an anti-Israel terrorist. Somebody has to pay, it really doesn’t matter who. And France is happy to provide a body for the immolation.

The bottom line? Canada must not collaborate. Our fellow-citizen must not be extradited to face kangaroo justice in the highly politicized French court system. Our Prime Minister has already said that what happened to Diab should never have occurred. If he meant it, the least we can expect is that he will prevent it from happening again.

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