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Death by association

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The Globe & Mail celebrates drone warfare today, and I’m not referring to Jeffrey Simpson.

Bad guys are getting theirs. Others who die in the Hellfire? Collateral-schmalateral, sniffs the Globe:

Strike drones are surgically targeted, and those killed are generally not good people (there is always the unfortunate risk of exceptions when terrorists hide among civilians)

Glenn Greenwald has a somewhat different take, based on a report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Bombing rescuers and mourners at funerals isn’t “surgical” (unless you think old Boris Karloff movies are documentaries). The BIJ notes:

The bureau counted 260 strikes by Predator and Reaper drones since President Obama took office, and it said that 282 to 535 civilians had been “credibly reported” killed in those attacks, including more than 60 children. American officials said that the number was much too high, though they acknowledged that at least several dozen civilians had been killed inadvertently in strikes aimed at militant suspects.


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